Geriatric Care Planning and Coordination

At Conscious Aging Solutions, our geriatric care planning and coordination is focussed exclusively on the individuals needs and wishes.

Our team takes the time to get to know you, to understand what truly matters, and help you with the professional planning and coordination needed to ensure the best care options are in place for you.

Geriatric Care is a speciality that is founded on helping to improve health care for elderly people by supporting various improvements through the prevention and treatments that are synonymous with aging. While the cognitively and functionally fit have the ability to access regular health facilities, having a clearly defined and tailored care program mapped out is fundamental. 

Our Geriatric Care Planning and Coordination is a helping hand with professional expertise to make sure everything is considered, carefully planned, and co-ordinated with precision.

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Geriatric Care Plan Evaluation

A Geriatric Care plan is designed to help an individual ensure a continuation of their good health, improving their quality of life, enabling them to live independently for as long as possible, and reducing the need for hospitalization.

Following a geriatric assessment, a care plan will ensure that a person, their family, and any health care providers are all working together and on the same page with regards to health care and living arrangements.

It will help to make clear the role each person has in the management of the individual’s specific needs.

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We're Here To Help

If a loved one or a person you are working with needs help with any geriatric care planning or co-ordination, then we would be delighted to have a conversation with you directly about how we can help.

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What Role Do Geriatric Care Managers Take in Care Planning?

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A geriatric care manager will typically be the person responsible for performing an initial or repeat geriatric assessment. The goal of their assessment will be to evaluate both current and future emotional, social, and medical needs of an individual. It will typically include the following:

  • A total mental, physical, and psycho-social evaluation
  • A thorough assessment of personal care competencies. This is also referred to as ADLs; the activities of daily living
  • The evaluation of access to support services and present-day living arrangements
  • Analysis of any existing issues or problems, along with any anticipated challenges 

Once the Care Manager has completed their assessment, this will provide any caregivers or family members the information they need to produce a comprehensive care plan. Upon completion, a Geriatric Care plan will be produced.

Geriatric Care Planning 

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The care plan is designed to assess an individual’s social service and medical needs, along with a coordinated effort to involve the right people; from paid services providers through to family members to ensure the individual can live with as much independence as possible. 

A plan could typically include some or all of the following:

  • It should outline a way of handling all of the personal care responsibilities for the individual, such as generic physical, psycho-social, and mental issues, along with other routine tasks, such as the delivery of medication. The help of an assisted living environment or a home health aide might be suggested. 
  • It should identify and potential changes in living arrangements that could be required to ensure the sustained health and safety of the individual. In some cases, this could be as little as general safety measures at home that can be handled by a family member, and for others, it may involve a potential relocation to an assisted living setting, a single level living arrangement, or a nursing home.
  • It should manage the connections between the individual, healthcare providers, support services to ensure the right care is in place.
  • It should also clearly highlight any reassessment criteria, along with defining the ongoing monitoring steps that are in place. For any family members, particularly those who are unable to visit often in-person; ensuring a periodic report that outlines progress and challenges is key. 
  • Should a drastic change occur in the individual’s health, there should also be parameters in the plan that address how this will be handled.
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We're Here To Help

At Conscious Aging Solutions, we understand the importance of a comprehensive care plan for elderly adults.

If you need to get any form of geriatric care planning for a loved one, please reach out to our friendly team today. 

Finding the Right Geriatric Care Manager

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Finding the right Care Manager is vital to ensure a person’s needs and preferences are clearly expressed and planned for.

However, choosing the right individual isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. It’s important that the individual being cared for feels at ease, secure, and completely comfortable being open and honest. 

A Gerontology nurse specialize in providing geriatric care in a range of settings, including nursing homes, private residences, and private practices.

They are skilled professionals with a deep understanding of geriatric care and medicine that is tailored to the needs of the individuals they serve. 

If a loved one or a person you are working with needs help with any geriatric care planning or co-ordination, then we would be delighted to have a conversation with you directly about how we can help.

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