Gerontologist Erin Martin’s Passion For Helping Others is Undeniable

For nearly five years, Erin Martin has established herself as one of the top Gerontologists in the area, and she has dedicated her life to helping aging adults get healthy and stay healthy.

Martin is fierce and passionate about improving the lives of aging adults through a holistic approach, using food as medicine. Martin is a gerontologist and advocates for individuals wanting to change their quality of life through specific health goals while also harnessing the power of plant-based medicine. 

She started her business, Conscious Aging Solutions, in 2017, which is a health-based company that focuses on obliterating the notion that humans are separate from the earth. Conscious Aging Solutions encourages holistic and preventative choices. She is now known as an industry leader in her field and is constantly encouraging lifestyle changes that she hopes will be handed down from generation to generation.

“My work became my passion at the age of fifteen when I fell in love with the residents at my first job in a retirement community,” Martin said. “I saw a lot of things working in all levels of long-term care. I saw what insurance paid for and what it didn’t pay for. I saw what lifestyles society promotes, and I saw where people were aging better in other countries. I do what I do to relieve unnecessary suffering. I see myself in each and every human being. I believe everyone having access to all of the information about their health is a human right.”

What is Gerontology?

Gerontology focuses on improving the quality of life through research, education, and practice.  This is a multidisciplinary study that can be based out of multiple fields and incorporates aspects and input from physicians, nurses, social scientists, biologists, and more to enrich everyday life. These physicians, or Gerontologists, study the aging process, and those who specialize in caring for aging and elderly adults must have a medical degree with additional qualifications in geriatrics.

About Erin Martin

Martin started working with aging adults at the age of 15 and, years later, eventually attended The University of Tulsa’s Collins College of Business, completing a Bachelors in Business Management. She also holds a Masters in Gerontology from the University of Southern California, the first and top Gerontology school in the world founded by AARP.

While going through her Masters program, Martin ran a team of advocates that served over 700 low-income older adults in southern California. After school, she founded Conscious Aging Solutions, LLC to empower and educate older adults in navigating the Western health and social systems while offering organic and conscious approaches to aging successfully and powerfully.

“True community health and wellness is achieved through a holistic and preventative approach to individual care,” Martin said. “By addressing mental health, physical health, and spiritual health, you encompass a full person instead of merely addressing symptoms. My work has a huge ripple effect into individual, family unit, and community’s lives and longevity. 


“My team supports the local economy while targeting individual barriers to health equating to an enhanced quality of life and to unimaginable health care cost savings for families on a state and federal level. My approach to care aligned with many other missions around the nation are set to revolutionize healthcare by implementing preventative and regenerative models of care.”


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The Focus is on You

The main goal of Conscious Aging Solutions is to encourage healthy choices that help you live longer and healthier lives with customized plant-based medicine and other holistic solutions that enrich your life.

Martin and Conscious Aging focuses on making holistic and preventative choices that regenerate the body, mind, and spirit, bringing balance to one’s life. We are here to help guide and support you on your journey to health and longevity.

Age With Grace and Confidence

Regenerative and balanced aging solutions can help you grow old with grace and confidence. 

With your help, we help advance your wellness and well-being in the most natural and sustainable way. By understanding the importance of plant-based medicine and implementing it into your diet,  you can find yourself being less dependent on certain prescription medications while leading a healthier and happier life.

Conscious Aging can help guide and support your journey to health and longevity, and we  encourage, leaving a legacy of health to your children and grandchildren.

Free Consultation

At Conscious Aging Solutions, we help you identify goals that can help you create balance, energy, and create the life you desire with a clear roadmap for your journey to health and longevity. We will focus on: 

  • A customized game plan that fits your lifestyle
  • Easy options to choose from for less pain and better living
  • Action steps you can start taking right away to get rid of pain

Conscious Aging Solutions offers a limited number of these appointments each month and spots fill up quickly.

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