Erin Martin Sits down for a conversation about FreshRx with Public Radio Tulsa

The program, aimed at assisting Type 2 diabetics and now beginning its second year, is set to expand both the number of people it serves and the number of clinics where it’s available.

Erin sat down with Public Radio Tulsa to discuss the one year anniversary of the FreshRx program. Based in North Tulsa, this program is aimed at helping Type 2 diabetics improve their health.  She discusses the program in detail, and explains her committment to sourcing local, organic, regenerative and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables for our local community. 

“It is estimated that if you lower someone’s A1C level by 1% to 2% in the year, you’re actually saving the state upwards of $24,000 or more per person because you’re preventing a lot of other health costs”
-Erin Martin
Lowering State Health Costs in Oklahoma