Conscious Aging Solutions Anti-Allergy Tea

Anti-Allergy Tea


Organic Medicinal Nettle Leaf

·       Form: Loose Leaf Tea

·       30-Day Supply

·       Shelf-life: 1 year


Health Benefits |

Relieves Allergy Symptoms

Reduces Pain & Inflammation from Arthritis

Eases Prostate Symptoms

Helps with Insect Bites

Flushes Toxins

Raw | Our products are unadulterated, no unnecessary processing, no chemicals, no caffeine, nothing added. Our medicinal teas are cut & sifted straight from the organic plant source.

Organic | Our product ingredients are organic and most are certified through the USDA.

Non-GMO | Our products are non-GMO, Alkaline and Heirloom.

Love | Our products are made with high vibes, positivity, and pure Love.

Organically & Ethically Sourced | We choose the highest quality ingredients from top-of-the-line farmers and distributors. Our ingredients are the most nutrient-dense and selected based on where and how they are farmed. We support ethical companies and regenerative farming practices. We support those who do their part in giving back to our home, planet Earth.

Conscious Packaging | We use Mylar and glass containers for our products. We encourage our clients to eliminate utilizing plastic containers for their food and drinking water. Plastic has been proven to cause cancer, hormone imbalances, and dementia.

What You Need |

·       Tea ball, tea infuser, or brew and filter

·       A way to heat water – pot, kettle, etc.

·       Spring water, filtered water, distilled water, refrigerator-filtered water, or water from a filtration system

Shelf-life: One Year

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your healthcare practitioner.